2GP, Supplier of Spare parts for Equipments and Industrial vehicles
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When I mount a part not coming from the manufacturer's network I lose my manufacturer's warranty: FALSE

European law (REC 1400/2002) prohibits this practice and may penalize a builder if he refuses to take over a guarantee under the pretext that a part not coming from home has been mounted on the equipment. Insofar as the manufacturer of the part attests the performance of its parts as original or of equivalent or superior quality, the manufacturer must ensure its legal or contractual obligations in terms of warranty.

Some coins are captive and are only available from the manufacturer: FAUX

Today exclusive supply agreements on standard equipment manufacturer products between manufacturers and equipment manufacturers are now banned. The equipment manufacturers have the right to inscribe the name on the parts they manufacture without the manufacturer being able to oppose it. On the other hand, if a company requests it, it can access the catalog of the equipment manufacturer without restriction of sale. Only the tariffs offered by the equipment manufacturer remain free. This is where 2GP comes in. Negotiate volumes of important parts to make you benefit from the best rates.

When I mount a spare part I lose the CE certification of my equipment: FALSE

The CE marking issued by the manufacturer of your machine attests that your machine is built and delivered in a safety configuration in accordance with the machine directive. The machine directive specifies that the use of spare parts does not affect its conformity. Indeed the directive considers that a spare part does not modify the fundamental function of the machine. (See Directive 98/37 / EC and Point 70 of the application guide of the Machine Directive 98/37 / EC and Machine Directive 2006/42 / EC from 29/12/2009)

The so-called equivalent or superior quality parts are of poor quality: FALSE

The parts distributed under the name “Parts of equivalent or superior quality” were designed to guarantee the same performance as the parts of the manufacturers or the equipment manufacturers. In the case of 2GP, it is the suppliers via their means of study that attest to this quality. Only a part delivered to you without approval is said to be within the meaning of the “adaptable” law and has no guarantee in terms of performance.

I do not know who to trust with all the possibilities of new supplies!

The European Regulation REC 1400/2002 now requires the classification of spare parts according to a quality standard and not according to the channel through which the part was supplied. Anxious to offer you a diverse range of parts at the best price we are able to offer several parts approved according to REC1400 / 2002 for the same need. Take the concrete example of a command button. You can buy an original part “builder”. It is a control button from the equipment manufacturer that delivers the manufacturer in original equipment. The one you usually find at the manufacturer, at an electrical equipment distributor or at 2GP. – You can buy an original part “OEM”. It is a button of another equipment manufacturer who builds its button according to the same standards in force. Also known as the original part of the law (REC 1400/2002) because it provides exactly the same level of quality as the previous category. Spare Parts for Industrial Equipment and Vehicles – You can buy a piece of equivalent or superior quality. It is a button directly from another manufacturer that guarantees a superior quality to the previous two. For example, better protection against humidity, better breaking capacity, more cycles, etc. Parts of equivalent or superior quality. All these parts are mounted in place and will work perfectly on your equipment. This is the 2GP quality guarantee.

I am told that the activity of 2GP is not legal!

To break the monopolies of manufacturers, the European Community has put in place a regulation (REC 1400/2002), one of whose aims is to liberalize the market for spare parts for motor vehicles. The activity of 2GP fits exactly within this framework. By way of comparison, many companies have already invested in this sector in the automobile industry, heavy-duty chassis or in the field of industrial bodies (eg tail lifts).

How to identify the parts I need on my equipment?

We provide catalogs by brand and type of material. Catalogs use photos of machine parts to easily and visually identify the parts you need. In its communication media, including catalogs, 2GP uses the names of the manufacturers, its brands and types of equipment as well as photos of the equipment for the purpose of identifying the final destination of the parts offered. This use is perfectly accepted by the code of intellectual property. In no way is it to mislead about the origin of any parts sold. If you have difficulties to identify the necessary parts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why 2GP ?

2GP is above all the service spirit!
The guarantee of a better lead time
Many spare parts
2GP, the solution to your Spare Parts needs!