2GP, Supplier of Spare parts for Equipments and Industrial vehicles
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2GP Warranty

2GP clearly displays the origin and warranty of Spare Parts!

A guarantee for 12 months !

Sure of the origin and the quality of its parts, 2GP ensures you a follow-up and you guarantee the supplies during 12 months from the date of delivery. See general conditions of sale. All parts that leave our store are carefully checked before shipment.

2GP clearly displays the origin and guarantees on its behalf the quality of the Spare Parts it markets. We use the same classifications and terms as those imposed by European legislation (REC 1400/2002). Spare Parts come from OEMs that deliver original equipment manufacturers (called “Original Parts”)

When you buy a 2GP part you know precisely its quality level and its origin. As such, most parts are marked in the name of 2GP (eg cylinders, mechanical parts …).

* To accurately qualify the destination of the items in our references and prices, we are obliged to use the references and names of the trademarks registered by the manufacturers. This use is fully accepted, in accordance with Article L713-6 B of the Code of Intellectual Property. In no case this use can lead to confusion about their origin. All our products are “original” or “of equivalent or superior quality” or “adaptable” within the meaning of EC Regulation 1400/2002.